Assorted Signature Cupcake Sampler Option 2 - 6 pk (Regular Size)

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6 Signature Cupcakes


-Vanilla cupcake iced with our whipped icing.  Topped off with a lady lock and doused in powdered sugar. 

Carrot Cake

- Carrot cupcake iced in our cream cheese frosting, topped off with walnuts and a white chocolate carrot. 

Buckeye Blunder

- Chocolate cupcake drilled with peanut butter.  Iced in our chocolate fudge icing.  Topped off with a buckeye and chocolate drizzle. 


- Chocolate cupcake drilled with caramel.  Frosted in our chocolate fudge icing, dunked in crushed pecans and topped off with caramel and chocolate.  

White Raspberry

- Vanilla cupcake drilled with raspberry.  Frosted in our raspberry cake icing.  Garnished with a white chocolate wedge. 

Red Velvet

- Red velvet cupcake.  Frosted in our cream cheese icing and garnished with a milk chocolate wedge.