Assorted Signature Cupcake Sampler Option 1 - 6 pk (Regular Size)

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This gives you a taste around the bakery...

6 different signature varieties including:

- Lemon Raspberry

Lemon cupcake drilled with raspberry filling.  Frosted in our white cake icing, lemon drip and a candied lemon wedge.

- Chocolate Gob

Chocolate cupcake drilled with our whipped icing.  Frosted in our whipped icing and topped off with our signature chocolate gob. 

- Cookie Dough Delight

Marble cupcake drilled with our edible cookie dough. Frosted in our white cake icing and topped off with chocolate chips, edible cookie dough bite, and chocolate drizzle.

- Jimmie Birthday

Vanilla cupcake.  Frosted in our white cake icing and dunked in a colorful Jimmie assortment. 

- Snickerdoodle

Almond cupcake drilled with cinnamon cake icing and crushed snickerdoodle crumbs.  Frosted in our cinnamon cake icing, topped off with a snickerdoodle and drizzled with a white drip. 

- Double Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate cupcake stuffed with raspberry.  Iced in our chocolate fudge icing, drizzled in raspberry.