Decorate Your Own Cookie Set: Valentine's Day with Short Video Tutorials

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This decorate your own set includes five different styles of cookies!  


- 15 total Sugar Cookies (sealed for freshness)

- 4 icing colors (in tubs to mix when you are ready to decorate)

- 2 icing bottles

- 2 disposable icing bags 

- 4 ziplock bags 

- Varied tip sizes

- 3 Sprinkle Packs

- 1 wax paper sheet

- 1 Icing Pointed Stick 

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You will receive seven separate video tutorials for how to load your icing bottles, step 1 of basing the cookies, step 2, and step 3 for final decorating.  (each tutorial will be under 2-6 minutes each to guide in decorating if your cookie crew desires! )