1) Does A Sweet Morsel Co. have shipping capabilities? 

We do!  We ship 80% of our orders.  We have the capability of shipping custom cookies and cake pops.   

2) What products does A Sweet Morsel Co. create?

Custom Cookies: These are typically used as gifts, party/wedding favors, or party platters.  If you are local we are also able to create edible arrangements for pick up i.e; cookie bouquets, platters, etc...  

Cake Pops: What you really want every bit of cake to taste like.  The perfect mix of icing to cake ratio in every bite! 

Cakes: A variety of speciality and custom cakes (local to Pittsburgh, PA only)

Cupcakes/Cookie Cups: Cookie cup? What is that?  Way better than a cupcake and your guests will agree too!!  

Cookies/Chocolates: A long list of cookies and chocolate covered goodies sold in increments of a dozen or for holiday/wedding occasions.  

Wholesale: Distributor pricing.  Inquire if you would love to have our products in your store!  

3) How much do you charge for your custom items?  

While there is a wide range for all of our menu options, typically people are asking for Custom Cookies.  You will see a variety of listings on our webpage, but you are not limited to these options for your order.  Most orders will be within these price ranges:

1/2 Dozen Cookie Gift Box: $30 (i.e. Get Well, Congratulations, etc...)

One Dozen Cookie Gift Box: $54 (i.e. Get Well, custom designed gift)

Custom Cookie: 1/2 dozen $30, 1 dozen $54, Party Plate $75

4) How long do those cookies take you to create/make? 

 Honestly, we couldn't give you an exact amount of time.  Each order is highly specific.  From mixing the dough, cutting out, chilling, baking, cooling, icing mixing, color prepping, consistency prepping, creating, drying time, and packaging, we should just say FOREVER!  Hence the pricing above.  

5) They look too good to eat... Are they tasty?  

YES!  We have perfected a recipe that we use daily and honestly if we don't have them for a cup of afternoon coffee we are sad, and they are always around!  Remember each batch is cut out specifically for each order.  They are as fresh as can be and so tasty!  Take a picture and eat away!  

6) Can you make vegan, gluten free or organic?  

We can alter recipes to fit your specifics, but our bakery is not void of allergens.  

7) Help I have an allergy.  Do you have an ingredient list?  

Yes they are highly specific to each desired product.  Just ask :)  We will get it to you right away. 

Check us out on Facebook, scroll through our pictures on Instagram, or check out our galleries on this site.

8) How do I see some of your past projects?  

We do.  We offer private classes where the host/hostess will invite and open up a space for us to us to decorate.  Check out our FB page and you can stay tuned to community events. Our current availability is extremely limited due to the rapid growth of our bakery.  

9) I want to learn how to do this, do you teach?  

It is best to contact us before just placing an order to determine what our schedule is.  We want to make sure we are exceeding your expectations and prepare the item for the date that you want them.  Message or call us! 

10) How do I place an order?

If your item arrives damaged and is the fault of the carrier, please file a claim with the shipping carrier (USPS).  Once the package leaves our facility, we are no longer responsible for any damages incurred during the delivery process.  We can assure you, it takes us nearly as long to create the products as it does for us to safely and carefully pack your box/boxes. 

Once you leave our shop and paid you have verified that your order is as ordered and we are unable to offer a refund.

11) What if something happens to my package during shipping or after I pick up and pay for my order?  

To hold your spot on our calendar and it requires shipping, we need complete payment.  Due to the highly customized products we create, we cannot just sell the items to someone else if something happens.  

12) How do you secure a spot on your calendar?  

13) Do you offer refunds?

Due to the food nature of this product we do not offer refunds.  If your order has been started, no refund is available.  If you decide to cancel your order before production has started we will refund your order at 50%.  We are charged various fees to sell products and hold your spot on our calendar.  We often have to turn clients away once our calendar is full.   

Place your order :) We are excited to learn more about your life and create something specifically for you! 

14) What are you waiting for?