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One of the first ways that A Sweet Morsel Co. started to receive regular orders is through Etsy.  Have you ever heard of it?  If not, it is a place where small business owners can set up a shop with things they have featured for sale; and consumers can request custom orders to be developed just for them.  It is an awesome way to gain new customers from across the world, or in our case, across the United States.  You should check it out some time... www.etsy.com  or A Sweet Morsel Co. Shop if you want to go directly to our shop.  


For us, this has been a way for us to receive orders (and a lot of repeat orders) from customers we have never met.  Customers can check out "Shop Stats" to see how reliable they are and check things out such as timeliness and other customer reviews.   Also, it is a way to be able to use a credit card for payment which has become a much more preferred method of payment for many!


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Did you know you can add essential oils to baking?

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There is not a single seal that works better than Tupperware.  Trust us we have tried!

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